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Welcome to Notclif Blogs or Blongs (Blog long). The topics are varied and touch on subjects such as copyrights, religion, love, politics, social issues and of course nonsensical views.

New perspectives, old perspectives, and even controversy and paradigm shifts are part and parcel of the Notclif Blongs. So be open minded. The aim of these words is to be enjoyable yet provocative as it they attempt to stimulate your mind, body and soul.

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Notclif – Same evening in the studios – words with music. What a gwaan.

Notclif – An Evening in the Studios – words with music

This poem, They All Cried (Help Us), takes a peek at a slice of life: the struggle and the yearning for happiness. It was written in 1983 for the Collection of Poems titled VIEW by Clifton Neil. Its relevance is apt and hopefully it speaks for itself.
Help has always been helpful especially to the helpless. Today’s global, national, and personal challenges make the need for help
even more. Somehow the help provided by politicians, religion and commerce benefits some while burdening others.
It is this inequitable condition that requires help from someone or something that transcends isms and schisms.

Aneil went into the studios in December 2017, and with the assistance of Grub Cooper of Fab Five, “Poison” was brewed. This strangely exciting and hypnotic song aims to turn ripples into waves. WordFoodMusic hopes you will agree as well as like and share.


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Slice of life poems

Poems from Notclif’s 1983 collection of poems titled VIEW.

THE POET: Slice of life

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