Hello world! Heights of great musicians were reached by craft or by chance?

Heights of great musicians reached - the beatles

Not many people have had great dreams of smallness. Yet smallness of dreams has had a great many people. In fact, great dreams, small dreams and even no dreams people have become great. Indeed, I am still not sure if heights of great musicians were reached by chance or by craft? I am here, rolling over these thoughts in my head as I watched my daughter recording her first international recording with the maestro, Grub Cooper of Jamaican Fame Fab Five Band in Kingston, Jamaica. The single “Let it be me”, is due for release in Mid 2015 and I was busily searching for answers: how can I help make her a great name in the music business.
Maybe, greatness happened because of luck or chance and not because of craft. No, don’t go yet, read on. Not saying Bob Marley and The Beatles and Featured imagethose greats didn’t have craft. On the contrary, they had lots of talent, industriousness, commitment and drive that pushed them against the odds even when, as Bob Marley said, in his hit song, I shot the sheriff, “Every time I plant a seed, he said kill it before it grows.”

Back to chance and success. What is chance? My Little Oxford Dictionary said Chance is “absence of design or discoverable cause.” So, it could be argued that if it was not for the chance (or was it by design) meeting up of The Beatles with Brian Epstein in 1961 and Bob Marley’s and the Wailers with Chris Blackwell in 1971, both could have remained as unknowns. Obscure. Do you know any talented musicians that are not great because of a lack of chance? Are there any popular musicians whose craft are terrible but they became great because of chance?
Goodness, my daughter has finished recording the song and I hope it becomes a hit. Five (5) hours run fast when your having fun or thinking hard. Nevertheless, the verdict is still out: greatness is a result of chance and or craft. Which is it really? Hung jury?

As we sat and listened the recording, everyone was happy with the production and was sure we have an international hit. However, there aren’t many guarantees, and as words to the wise: maybe we shouldn’t depend on our craft to get us a chance in life and similarly we shouldn’t depends on chance to get our craft in life. A good combination is a welcomed state. So while we are honing and developing our craft and music, we should also develop our social skills. After all, as can be seen, The Beatles and Bob Marley were good musicians but their success and greatness really got full bloomed when they met Brian and Chris respectively, who convinced them to change their images. So, do your craft and interact with people lots. Never can tell which will be your success ticket: craft or chance or both. Whatever you do, be happy.
On the note of happy, we would be happy if you checked out my daughter’s music at http://www.facebook.com/aneilmusic as we still try to pinpoint if heights of great musicians were reached by craft or chance.

2 thoughts on “Hello world! Heights of great musicians were reached by craft or by chance?

    • Thanks for the comment. You know, I am still working out if leaders were born or made. Were they born great or did they have greatness thrust on them? The age old nature vs nurture. smiles


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