Food n Music 1st Anniversary Concert 400 x 400It has been quite a quiet but eventful two years since debutante singer, Aneil, released her first single “Let Me Be” on June 25, 2015 on the WordFoodMusic label. This young singing aspirant was not bothered much when her single was released without fanfare or the “required” press and public relations pieces. In fact, this non publicity is quite typical among Do It Yourself (DYI) artistes who struggle to balance the music and the business.

However, at times, the lack of puffery and fanfare can be a blessing in disguise as it can allow the artiste to focus on the art instead of on the craft.

Aneil @ Atlanta Jerk Fest Sept 2015. Click to watch

Accordingly, despite the lack of fanfare, “Let Me Be” quickly copped the “Big Tune” award on Roots 96.1 FM in Kingston on June 28,  2015. On September 6, Aneil did her debut concert performance at the Grace Atlanta Caribbean Jerk Festival in Georgia, USA; followed up with a September 17, live radio interview with DJ Roy on Irie Jam Radio 93.5 FM in New York. (Watch the concert and the interview  by clicking the link or photo below

A few days later, on September 19, Aneil was guest performance at the  Konekt-Dat band Showcase in Manhattan, New York and closed Summer 2015 with a live radio interview with Glen Simmonds on WRFG 89.3 FM, Atlanta, USA on October 19.

2016 saw Aneil continuing with the honing of her theatrical skills with the Aneil and Friends Concert series at Comfitanya in St. Andrew Jamaica. The series kicked of with Cameal Davis, D’Vercity and Delroy Melody on April 30, 2016 and since then other acts/friends included Abijah, Asante Amen, Chinna, Carl Dawkins Jr, Jordan Mais and the Rebelistic band, the Legend band,   and more. The series continues with next show in July 2017.  Aneil has also done cameo performances at Triple Century and is a pleasant staple at formal functions at the University of Technology, Jamaica.

Born Anita Neil in 1991 in St. Andrew, and nurtured in St. Ann, Aneil has developed from church choir girl (1999 – 2005), to Music band opening act (2003 – 2006, sharing stage with popular artistes such as Leroy Sibles, Richie Spice and the late Edi Fitzroy.)

Aneil’s debut song “Let Me Be”. Click to watch.

Academically inclined, in 2006, Aneil took a hiatus from music and, inter alia, successfully completed her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Management Studies at the University of the West Indies and developed her skills in customer service. A lover of animals and children and armed with a gorgeous voice, potent lyrics and a sense of purpose, Aneil re-entered the music scene in 2014 and has been prodding along the milestones on her journey.

Aneil’s debut “Let Me Be” is an original song written by her and recorded at Stage One Studios, Jamaica under the guidance of Grub Cooper of Fab Five Band. Interestingly, Grub Cooper also helped in coining Aneil’s recording and stage name. The song was released in MP3 format on iTunes, Amazon and other digital stores June 25, 2017.

Kibony, Aneil and DJ Roy at Irie Jam, NY. Click to watch interview

As DJ Roy commented on Irie Jam 93.5 FM, “I don’t claim to be the authority on music, but I have an ear for music and the first time I heard the song (Let Me Be) I said, Great Song”. (Click on the picture and listen on YouTube and agree or disagree).

Since the release of the song, Aneil has silently been building up a small loyal fan base that will prove of immense value for entering a dynamic and rigid music industry. Her second single, “This is love” is being fine-tuned for a mid-summer release. Click to listen a sneak preview”.

“This is love”: watch sneak preview.

Aneil’s journey continues and Summer 2017 will be  the one filled with love.  Keep up with the journey on:

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WFM logo_concepts coloured orihinal 2 label purpose is a DYI label: created to create creative creations. 

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