Are you in the mood to do a little bit of thinking,

Take a look at life and wonder if it is all hoodwinking.

I mean , all this time, have we really check what we are drinking

while spending our lives hoping for rising when the darn thing is sinking.

Notice every religion can CORRECTLY show you the evil of other religions

And every political party knows the other parties are full of confusions.

Even economic system differ and have wordy and deadly contentions

Yet we don’t stop to see, it not real, it is a figment of their imaginations.

Noticed how people pray for God to help you but they won’t help too

You are only their friend if to them there is something you can do

If for some reason you falter and are no longer of use

To the garbage heap you go, now you are foe and called refuse.

Do you see how people are growing more loving these days

They love greed, hatred, malice and misanthropy in a strange way;

Worse, look at what they do and compare with what they say

It would make the devil blush, and wonder about increasing their pay.

Make I stop thinking yah, cause even if a so, a still no so

People happy with the evil they do and don’t mind the woe

So no need to be thinking negative of the way things a go

When maybe It is I alone having such a problem and no know.

Anyway, even alone, I will continue thinking about this,

Cause I am sure politics, religion and commerce causing things to go amiss

Even now convinced, we will never gain peace or happiness

Cause if we don’t love one another like brothers there won’t be no bliss.

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