Let us pray for ….

As a child, I use to sit or stand or even kneel and pray

Proper thing to do, whether once, or twice or many times per day.

Asking “Our Father” for daily bread and for things to come our way,

Yet humble enough to say, thy will be done, come what may.

It was kind of easy to beg “Our Father” to forgive us our trespasses

Much harder to do the same to the one who against us transgresses.

Even if we listen carefully to our prayer and the message it professes

seems we pleading to “Our Father” to destroy anything to us that oppresses.

I recall, praying not to be led into temptation and to be delivered from evil

and recognized that thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory still

Yet, deep down, my prayers are selfish and for my own will

which of course, will lead to vain imaginations and even more peril.

So yes, let us pray, but what on earth should we be praying for;

Brotherly love or peace amongst men by fighting a war?

Forgiveness or calamity for those who on our minds, placed a scar

Or for patience to persevere and await our shining star.

Let us pray, how about, that the unrighteous continue to be unrighteous,

 the vile continue to be vile, the proud proud and the pompous pompous.

Of course, prayers that the righteous continue to practice righteousness,

the holy continue to be holy, as struggles don’t justify surreptitiousness.

Let us pray for all the captors and captives to be made free

or pray for vengeance for those who treat us with enmity?

Let us pray for brimstone and hotter fire for our enemy

or just relax and let the wicked think they have impunity?

Let us pray for pestilence, plague and famine to come on the earth

as a reward for the spilt blood of the saints who were killed, or hurt,

or should we pray that the wheat and the tares grow in the same dirt

On harvest day, we chop down, and burn, depends on what each is worth.

Let us pray, that we don’t have to be anxious whether we rise or fall

but to find time giving thanks for big, or for small or for nothing at all;

knowing today’s trouble is sufficient much less to add in tomorrow’s wall

and no amount of worrying will add years to our lives or make us tall.

Let us pray, but not worry or be anxious about what we eat, drink or wear

nor be of little faith as life is much more important than how we appear.

Yes, let us pray for a kingdom of righteousness, brotherly love and care

As value will be judged by the extent to which we turn a tear into a cheer.

2 thoughts on “Let us pray for ….

    • Am all smiles.. Got that right…but we must remember that at times there is feast and at times famine. at times plenty.. at times a little. Give thanks for both


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