Helping your brother is helping your self.

When I was a child, I was encouraged to grow up and be “somebody”

I was told that without riches and wealth I would be a nobody.

No one told me that such image of life was nothing but a parody

and would only put the brotherhood of man into a jeopardy.


When I was a teenager, I was told I need a career to become a success

I would need a car, a house, fancy clothes, boasty shoes, jewelry, nothing less.

No one told me of the many other ways to put a meaningful life to the test

Such as feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and sheltering the homeless.


When I became a man, I saw a big gap between the rich and the poor

Some people saying how the lord had been kind and had bless them for sure

while many people were crying, “Lord, Lord, help me I can’t take this no more”

On their sad faces you can see the pain, if you look good you see it goes to their core.


Now I am getting up into age, and realizing that not all that glitter is gold

Indeed, there are gold that doesn’t even glitter and are much better to the soul

For having a love for vanity and no love for humanity, is like ice, it is cold

And the love for material gain, to our kids, such stories should never be told.


Last week, I saw countless messages of merry Christmas and happy new year

People wishing each other prosperity, success, and lots of good cheer

Yet they didn’t even stop to help a little child, or the poor to wipe away a tear

You see, it’s a calendar love affair, cause deep down, very few people really care.


I remember when I use to go to Church, and there was a bible story book on the table

It had a story about the first murder in the bible: Cain killing his brother Abel

And Cain’s remark “who made me my brother’s keeper” became a label

In such a way that even today, helping each other, regardless of race, is a fable.


In 1983, I wrote a poem titled “My brother’s keeper” which I want to share with you

Despite written in my youth, it is still my wish, and still holding it as true:


We should all be our brothers’ keepers.
This would make life much easier;
With I looking out for you
And you looking out for me too.

Are you being your brother’s keeper?
If not so, what are you waiting for?
Do you realize you are the one
Who is putting the pressure on?

Be your brother’s keeper.
Help him to overcome.
If you are his keeper
His things are your and yours his.


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