I have family, I have friends and I have foes.

Some tell me it is a sport to get the better of others and it is the way to go.

They laugh while having much fun and even give high fives at their conniving

But it is a sad case of sadness, cause somewhere, someone is crying.

The haves care very little about the have-nots who can’t afford even dinner.

It’s dollar for dollar and pound for pound even for those whose hopes get thinner.

And while some tummies are filled, some are empty and there is no denying

That somewhere, sometimes, somehow, it’s a fact that someone is crying.

I can see the big grin on their faces as they benefit from that great “deal”:

Buying a dollar item for a dime, is normally not a gift, it came from a steal.

And if you said you didn’t know it was stolen, indeed you are lying

And stealing, whether it’s from a brother or a sister, I can tell you, someone is crying.

You see your man or family member comes home with blood on the sleeve.

He gives you the money, you know he is a thief, he wasn’t caught, and you felt relieved.

Tomorrow you go shopping, with little thought for the victim because you are buying

But remember that although you are benefitting, someone is crying.

Sex is fun, the more the merrier and with many partners, variety is the spice they say

Telling lies to get into bed and between their legs can be very nice and make for a great play.

Fooling the mind and breaking the heart doesn’t matter if you are not caught flying

Ignore karma and retribution, what really counts, is that someone is crying.

Only a fool thinks that the colour of a man’s skin makes him better than another,

As by now we should all know that all human blood is red, skin colour doesn’t matter.

For when you ridicule, persecute and discriminate, it’s your inferiority that you are really hiding

Because pain respects neither high or low melanin content, and for sure, someone is crying.

Using the bible and religion to create guilt and play around with people’s mind

Telling them of love while taking away the little they have, just cannot be kind.

Last time I checked, God has no need for money and with Christ there is no need for tithing.

Yet the church flourishes, pastor’s big car is driving yet in many poor homes, someone is crying.

Have you ever thought about the difference that you can help to make?

Just by putting a little love in your heart for self and others is all it would take.

Now just imagine, he, she, the old man, the old lady and the pickney, all are lyming,

It might sound crazy, but I am sure it would be nice, if people are smiling and no one is crying.

Of course, I must as usual, share one of my old-time poems with you

Called “Wailers”, hoping as you read it, you don’t feel too blue.

Wrote this one quite awhile back when I was about twenty

It is about crying, wailing, which for many was then and even now, still plenty.

The poem, WAILERS; From the archives- Notclif’s 1983 collection of poems titled VIEW

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