Did you feel the emotions and the sentiments of love blowing through the air?

Yeah, the Valentine’s Day outflow of “love”, that happens February 14 every year.

It’s a calendar thing, but we expect flowers, and candies and lots of “I love you.”

Sadly, it can be a source of dismay when you expect of people, and they don’t do.

Yet for true, many who go searching for love are themselves loveless.

Confusing great sex, or financial comfort with love: so no money, no honey, no happiness.

Also, they talk about finding their other half as if to say they are not whole beings.

Such high drama not knowing complement or compliment for who they are seeing.

Say, do tell me, what is love? Is it can’t sleep, can’t eat, that mushy feeling,

hanging up the phone and calling back, sitting, and waiting for it to ring?

Is it wanting to hold and own someone, or poetry of roses are red and violets are blue?

Or is it, I will climb mountains and swim deep blue seas to show that I am true.

Are there many types of love: love for strangers, love for enemy and even love for self?

Love for friends, love for family and even love for people on the top or even bottom shelf?

Can controlling, arrogance and being demanding be the epitome of love?

What about bitterness and hatred for many while claiming kindness for a turtle dove?

Although there are no manuals or how to do booklet on “How to Let Love Last Longer”

Let’s consider a four-legged stool of love that could help us make love stronger.

Indeed, let’s start with a mental spiritual love for self, strangers, and friends

Then step it up to involve money and intimacy, from small beginnings to the big big ends.

The first leg of love for self and fellow human beings, it’s Agape: a kind of philanthropy.

It’s so basic since, as without love for even a stranger would be a form of misanthropy.

This unconditional love sees beyond the outer surface and accepts everyone, good and bad

It is rooted in the idea of humanity and charity; the love of God for man and of man for God.

The second leg of love is the brotherly love outside of family, a (BFF), best friend forever.

The Greeks call it Phileo, an affectionate, warm and tender platonic love, but not for whoever.

It makes you desire friendship with someone and goes beyond the love for self or fellow human being.  

The Phileo love sees you not just tolerating someone but also celebrating someone you enjoy seeing.

The third leg of Love is a sexual or intimate physical love or “erotas” as the Greeks called it.  

Eros is a passionate and intense love of romantic feelings, very sexy and you loving every bit.

It can be an ungrateful type of love that seeks self-gratification, rather that of your partner

Cause if the sex is bad, love gets sad, but if sex is good it acts like a glue or a fastener.

Then there is the fourth leg of love, called storge, which is love for siblings and family wellbeing.

It is a confidant and interdependent love based on basics such as food, shelter and clothing,

It is a special mix of phileo blend up with eros and resulting in a very special friendship

Simply put it is when storge love develops from a romantic love into a solid relationship. 

As with a stool, if the legs of love are not put together firmly then sitting can be a calamity

The stool will rock, and your downfall will be just like the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.

All those glorious thoughts of love and mushy feelings of sex and joy will fail

And instead of a free love and loving free, you are sentenced to a life in jail without bail.

This poem is from the archives: VIEW-Collection of poems published in 1983 by Notclif.

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