Not sure about you, but I was once told a man’s best friend is a dog.

Was kind of shocking, imagine a Jamaican dinner of a snake or a frog.

Even as a child, I loved a girl and now as a man, I love a woman.

I just can’t see a canine as my best friend and hope you understand.

If I want to laugh, fun and frolic or play a game of card

Doing that with a dog, gosh, that would definitely be so hard.

Indeed, a woman is my best friend and a great help meet.

Afterall, even the bible tells us it not good to be alone, one cannot do it.

A woman is a very special part of this life, she is the flower of creation.

Without her, humanity would end as there would be no procreation.

She is a one of a kind and a gorgeous, beautiful complementary entity

Man and woman, such chemistry was made to last for eternity.

Yet, a woman’s role goes beyond an erection, or protection as she is also a nurturer.

When you are feeling down, she lifts you up and don’t forget she is a care giver.

Her play and her fuss provide the salt and sugar to meet each day.

Her bitter and her sweet are pretty delicate petals with the thorns, I would say.

Of course, a woman is not the weaker sex nor a follower by any degree.

She is strong, vibrant, and very much a leader as even the blind can see.

So it is time we smash the glass ceiling and crash the veil of male chauvinism,

Indeed, let us condemn the robbing, raping and kidnapping of women as idiotism.

So, without another word in English, to be written or even to be said,

A woman is perfect for motivating, titillating, or captivating any of my two heads.

As it’s natural, it’s wired, and it is a part of a divine and original plan.

Let’s hear the conclusion: a dog cannot be man’s best friend, it’s a woman. 

WOMAN by Notclif: a 1983 poem from the “VIEW” – collection of poems by Clifton Neil

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