You are very important with a life given to you for many reasons.

The changes, stages and rages you go through are like the seasons.

Sometimes it is very hot, and you feel bothered but other times it is cold.

But whether you deal with the changes gracefully or not, you do grow old.

So, take care of yourself and make use of every minute of the day

Cause how you spend yesterday and today will affect tomorrow in a way.


Remember your youth and teenage years, sprucy with vitality and energy.

A time of lots of fun and frolic and time seems like you’d live for a century.

Parents worry about the rent, food clothing and shelter while you play

The stress of responsibility is not yet on your mind and fear stays away.

However, the control of parents seems to restrict you and want to spoil your show

You so much want to be free and spend time daydreaming and just waiting to grow.


 Here comes the bright sunshiny days of growing up and reaching the age of majority.

The enthusiasm is high, but you are realizing that it brings much responsibility.

You are an adult and no longer well fed and chain, but you are now hungry and free.

It’s a time of planning and plotting, survival forces a choice between you and me.

You can still feel the power and the strength of youth, but you start to think it will wane

Hoping you will not have to face the fact that most of what you do is simply mundane.


Trying to remember things you were told as a child, start to haunt you as you reach maturity

Midlife crises set in like a leafless tree, for once, if not late, you worry about your security.

You start to reflect on your youthful days, those fun times, the exuberance but the cold is here.

If you were not prepared, you start to get a dreaded feeling in your heart, is it fear?

Afterall, where is the vibrance of spring and the sunshine of those long days of summer

Did you spend them well, or did you waste time and now the question: are you a bummer?


You know, growing old can be a time to reflect as well as enjoy the seniority.

Yes, the past affects the future and dictates our inferiority or superiority.

Hopefully, we had used the spring, summer, and autumn wisely:

Accepting the change from youth to maturity as we aged gracefully.

And though it can never be too late, having good friends from youth is the best.

Family is good, but there are friends closer than a brother that rise to the test.

Ahh, our lives are really a good reflection of the seasons if you stop and think.

Each has its place: spring summer autumn winter, but they come and go in a wink.

One leads to the other naturally, as water from the river flows endlessly to the sea.

It is our duty to note the curves, dams and banks while being the best we can be.

For if we ignore and don’t prepare for the special features that we do encounter,

We end up being barren in spring, cold in summer and even wishing to be hot in winter.

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