The world is made up of different peoples, some of them are not like us.

You could think if they weren’t so different the world would have less fuss?

Yet upon reflection, maybe the world is best the way things are,

In a movie, some people are cameo performers while some are stars. 

I remember the glitter and glamour of my family, friend and even foe,

Glad I wasn’t mesmerized and see that as the way to grow or to go.

Jewelry, I didn’t like, and bangles and chains scared the hell out of me,

As a black man, all I could think of is the shackles and chains of slavery.

You may wonder if there wasn’t a single soul I wanted to grow up to be

After some serious thought, I must say no, you see, I am in love with me.

I didn’t want to be a king or a president who want to rule your life.

Riches and gold were not my aim, I preferred being ordinary and avoiding strife.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like nice things, but prefer natural things any day.

I don’t mind your being full of your self and I’ll smile at your vanity way.

I wouldn’t even for a minute, try to convince you to be like me for a thrill

For he who does against his will, is the same person he is going to be still.

I think, I want to admit, I am strange, and I am one of a kind.

Am so ordinary and different, you’d swear I am out of my mind.

If you know me well, you know I hate to be on the offence

Yet, I do not enjoy playing a game and always on the defence.

Have you ever noticed that the truth or a lie in most cases,

usually depends to a great extent on the situations or the bases.

Sometimes your view or expectation of the ideal tends not to be the real.

And when you do see the real, unfortunately, it is not always the ideal.

Did you notice that the grass seems greener on the other side?

But when you see the other side’s water bill you want to run and hide.

Have you ever wondered what if everyone thinks and did as you do?

Well, as a teenager, I did, and end up writing this poem called “I YOU”.

Notclif in the background with the words from his 1983 poem titled "I You" from the collection titled "View"

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