Easter is here and it is a very special time of the year.

For some people it brings cheers and for some it brings tears.

If you are a traditional Christian, you think of Jesus’s death and resurrection

While a Rasta and the Adventist call it idolatry, worshipping of the sun.

Are the Rastas and Adventists right or have they got it all wrong?

Are the traditional Christians just pretending, it’s a wild imagination?

What little I do know, with you I would really like to share

There are some interesting facts about Easter, you can read if you care.

Let’s start with the name Easter to set a vibe for this reasoning.

Easter, Ishtar or Ashtaroth is “goddess of fertility”, a recognition of Spring.

Before Jesus was born, it was used to worship nature, life anew and thing.

It’s a way to say bye to the cold Winter and hi to the flowers as the birds start to sing.

Easter is always right after Spring, March 21, the first Sunday after the full moon.

As such Easter can come as late as April 25 and March 22 is not too soon.

If Easter is always based on a Sunday, after the moon is full, after Spring

No wonder why Rastas and Adventist say that Easter is a sun worship thing.

In 2021 Easter was on April 4, right after the full moon which was Sunday March 28

This year the full moon after spring is April 16 so Easter has a Sunday April 17 date.

If you are open minded, you might wonder what are we trying to accommodate?

Afterall, worshipping a season, the sun, the moon, or any star, God doesn’t appreciate.

By the way, let’s us take a look at the first easter story that many people do not know

Easter was around thousands of years before Father Abraham or even Jesus as the story goes.

It started in Mesopotamia, and the Assyrians, Babylonians and Egyptians loved it so

Sacrificing little children to honour the sun and queen of heaven, in a fire that glow.

Cakes or buns were made to celebrate the beginning of spring for the queen of heaven

And rabbits and eggs were part of the rituals, and this was done to get fertility even.

The rabbits represent rebirth as what happen at spring with the renewal of “nature”

The eggs are symbols of life and regeneration as believed by man as a creature.

In the Old Testament, Easter (Ashtaroth) was called the “queen of heaven”

the women make cakes (buns) to the queen as it was written in vs 18, Jeremiah 7:

It tells how they pour out drink offerings unto other gods, that provoke God to anger.

So, you see, back then worshipping Easter would put the Israelites in pure danger

Again in Judges 2 vs 13: it is written “and they served Ashtaroth and anger god”

And because Jehovah is a very jealous God this made Jehovah very sad.

Check Judges 10:6 where Israel did evil again and served Ashtaroth and Baalim,

These gods of Syria, they serve and forsook the Lord, and served not him.

Samuel 7:3, “put away the strange gods and Ashtaroth, and serve Jehovah only:

and he will deliver you out of the hand of the Philistines, protect you from your enemy.

In Samuel 12:10 “Then they cried out we have forsaken the LORD and served Ashtoreths. 

Now deliver us from the hands of our enemies, that we may serve You, and get “our rest”.

Now that we see that in the Old Testament, Easter worship was an abomination

That is why Rastas, and Adventist cannot see Easter as Christ’s death and resurrection.

If Easter were before Christ and was used to worship Venus, the moon and the Sun

Then it wouldn’t be righteous to give such celebration to the Lord’s only begotten son.

We know that the prophecy say Jesus be dead for three days and three nights.

Yet between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, getting three days put us in a plight.

When you do the math, addition and subtraction, you can’t get three of night or day

At best from Friday noon to Sunday morning is 2 nights and one day, I’d say.

Did you know Jesus died a Wednesday afternoon and not a Friday as claimed?

The Bible referred to Thursday, the High Day Sabbath but the Saturday got famed.

Yes, there is a yearly High Sabbath or Passover sabbath on Nisan 15

And High Day sabbath is different from the Saturday sabbath if you know what I mean.

John 19:31 says: that the bodies should not remain upon the cross on the sabbath day,

(for that sabbath day was an high day), so they rested the Thursday and came back Friday.

Luke 23:56: After the Thursday Sabbath, On Friday they returned to prepare spices and perfumes Then they rested on the Saturday Sabbath, according to the commandment, Sunday to resume.

Luke 24:1, now early Sunday, they came to the tomb bringing the spices they had prepared,

but Christ was already risen from Saturday evening, so in an empty tomb they all stared.

For the prophecy was finally realized, Christ was dead three days and three nights

And his resurrection fulfilled the prophecy, from Wednesday to Saturday, quite all right.

You know that we are told that Ash Wednesday to Easter is all 40 days at best

To commemorate the 40 days that Christ was tempted in the wilderness.

Yet if you count from Ash Wednesday to easter Sunday, you will get 46 days for sure

Seems, Ash Wednesday and Easter, might not be so true or even pure.

So, you may ask, why is Easter, the goddess of fertility associated with Jesus

Credit belongs to Constantine the Great Roman emperor for tricking us.

In AD 326, about 300 years after Christ died, Constantine at the council of Nicea

decided that the best way to rule his Roman empire was to merge Christ and Lucifer.

At the Nicea meeting, he shrewdly agreed with the help of the Catholic Pope

That the followers of Christ would be given a fantasy and a new hope:

a new religion of idolatry and Christ’s name would emerge called Christianity,

an unholy marriage between darkness and light, better dubbed as insanity.

So, although we emotionally and passionately see Easter as the resurrection of Christ

Under scrutiny we would be surprised to see that Easter is really a heist.

Why remember Jesus’s death on a Friday and resurrection on a Sunday

If it is an old-time religion for Venus, moon and the sun, not the son, as they say.

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