Meet the writer

Clifton “Notclif” Neil writes about different “slices of life”. As such, some blogs are bitter, some sweet and some are bland.

Notclif calls his writings “BLONG” as they tend to be long blogs.

Apart from writing, Notclif performs poetry with music as well as dappling in music production, events planning and literary publications.

Writing is serious fun

Notclif published his first blog,  titled “Heights of great musicians were reached by craft or chance” on this medium on March 12, 2015. This was a natural extension of his love for writing which was debuted with the publication of his first book titled “VIEW: a collection of poems” in August 1983 at the age of 20.

Other Interests

Clifton “Notclif” Neil is a chartered marketer with work experience spanning over 30 years (practical and theory) and a trained teacher with more than ten years teaching experience at the university level. He also does project management and is re energizing the Word,Food and Music project. (see

His motto is “know a little about a lot, and a lot about a little”

One thought on “Meet the writer

  1. I find your mind and heart to be wonderful Cliften…! You have shown me that you think, and feel, not that I agree with all your conclusions, but in many things, I find you gifted. I was very impressed with your research and position on Easter and Christmas. I have included some of your ideas and research you have expressed there, in some of my own work concerning Isaiah, including your web site. For any that would potentially read my work, to be able to find you. I have no intent to publish, but I do suppose it to have some extended reading.
    I should tell you, I am your brother in Christ, I am also 6 years your senior. I have grown up USA, Idaho, on farms where I worked like a slave so that I could have an income and a body of strength. I am white, and your skin is of no issue to me.
    It is not the grand house, public position, or monetary value that makes a man. Nore the adversity and depths to which he might suffer, however, this latter has greater power to change and mold to perfection though affliction and fire. This Fire is a necessary experience in a man’s life as in the refining of silver. Till the creator can see His image in our countenance. It is a man’s heart which is the great prize to be won in life. You are most fortunate as your life trials have conditioned you to be a man of spiritual quality, may you continue to give your own will to The Creator to become as He is.
    I would be happy to call you my friend. to share some rather unique prospectives, which I expect would be of as much interest to you as you have been to me.
    Thomas Harris


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