I will win some, I'll lose some, and I'll draw some.I give thanks for big, thanks for small, thanks for nothing at all. I have never had a year of only sunshine.Nor have I had a year with rain all the time.I have had cloudy days and poems that don't rhymeYet I look beyond the … Continue reading WIN SOME, LOSE SOME, DRAW SOME


Ahh, our lives are really a good reflection of the seasons if you stop and think. Each has its place: spring summer autumn winter, but they come and go in a wink. One leads to the other naturally, as water from the river flows endlessly to the sea. It is our duty to note the curves, dams and banks while being the best we can be. For if we ignore and don’t prepare for the special features that we do encounter, We end up being barren in spring, cold in summer and even wishing to be hot in winter.


I can see the big grin on their faces as they benefit from that great “deal”: Buying a dollar item for a dime, is normally not a gift, it came from a steal. And if you said you didn’t know it was stolen, indeed you are lying And whether it’s from a brother or a sister, I can tell you, someone is crying.


The Poor man’s copyright is a nice way to help show that you were in possession of the work at a particular date based on the postal stamp mark. However, although figures don’t lie, liars can figure and this is not a fool proof way. Get formal.

Niagara, Oh Niagara Falls (Your passion is wasting me away)

Charles Dickens visited Niagara Falls in 1841. On viewing the Canadian Falls from Table Rock he wrote, "Niagara was at once stamped upon my heart, an Image of Beauty; to remain there, changeless and indelible, until its pulses cease to beat, forever." I did my Christopher Columbus , late discovery but eye opening, of North … Continue reading Niagara, Oh Niagara Falls (Your passion is wasting me away)