God Almighty created all men equal, whether they be white, yellow or Black, and for any race to admit that it shouldn’t be in the race and on the track is to hurl an insult at the Almighty who created all races equal from that time And with this knowledge, I keep this teaching on my shoulder and on my mind.


So, you may ask, why is Easter, the goddess of fertility associated with Jesus Credit belongs to Constantine the Great Roman emperor for tricking us. In AD 326, about 300 years after Christ died, Constantine at the council of Nicea decided that the best way to rule his Roman empire was to merge Christ and Lucifer


Ahh, our lives are really a good reflection of the seasons if you stop and think. Each has its place: spring summer autumn winter, but they come and go in a wink. One leads to the other naturally, as water from the river flows endlessly to the sea. It is our duty to note the curves, dams and banks while being the best we can be. For if we ignore and don’t prepare for the special features that we do encounter, We end up being barren in spring, cold in summer and even wishing to be hot in winter.


Did you feel the emotions and the sentiments of love blowing through the air? Yeah, the Valentine’s Day outflow of “love”, that happens February 14 every year. It’s a calendar thing, but we expect flowers, and candies and lots of “I love you.” Sadly, it can be a source of dismay when you expect of people, and they don’t do. Yet for true, many who go searching for love are themselves loveless. Confusing great sex, or financial comfort with love: so no money, no honey, no happiness. Also, they talk about finding their other half as if to say they are not whole beings. Such high drama not knowing complement or compliment for who you are seeing.


Last week, I saw countless messages of merry Christmas and happy new year. People wishing each other prosperity, success, and lots of good cheer. Yet they didn’t even stop to help a little child, or the poor to wipe away a tear You see, it’s a calendar love affair, cause deep down, very few people really care.


Why give god a colour? After all, isn't colour one of the major reasons for the hatred, bigotry and prejudice that is helping to destroy the brotherhood of man?

Let us pray for ….

Praying for our daily bread is deemed proper. So is praying for our safety and well being. Praying for victory over our enemies or for the damnation of the oppressors also seem fitting. However, seeking forgiveness for self and for our transgressors become more challenging.