Oh, Niagara
Your waters on my cheek, continuously tumble down,
Whether as dew on a smiling face or tears on a frown
You are always rumbling and frolicking about
Whether on show for few or for many, or even if no one is about.

Oh Niagara
Your beauty and awe keep scraping away at my soul
Whether by your strength and vigour or stories untold.
Your reach has gone into and beyond my deepest core
Whether gladly or sadly, if we stay, we will be no more.

My poem, “Oh Niagara, Niagara Falls” was trying to capture the passionate yet eerie feeling and outcome of a love affair that results in the demise of one of the lovers. The water, while creating an awesome effect for the millions of onlookers as it falls 170 feet (52 metres) into the Maid of the Mist pool from the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, is eroding the land inch by inch.

At the American Falls, the water plunges vertically ranging from 70 to 110 feet (21 to 34 metres) to the rock at the base of the Falls and is doing a similarly passionate job of eroding the land.

Yes, sometimes, we get into relationships that are not mutually beneficial. It might be business, political, religious, economic, social or even intimate. One party benefits more from the union. Indeed while one is on high display, one is exposed to great decay.

Actually, at times, the feeling of love is really a passion that is so toxic that, like the effect of the water fall on the land/rock, it erodes the mind, the body and the soul and reduce your whole being to a wide gaping hole.

Inch by inch, day by day, year by year, one party scrapes away at the other’s inner core, until it becomes so weak that one becomes no more.

Although at times it is fate and at times it is faith that keeps us together, despite calm or stormy weather, changes do happen and it maybe for the better or the worse, or maybe it’s a blessing or a curse.

Niagara, oh Niagara Falls.

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