I will win some, I’ll lose some, and I’ll draw some.
I give thanks for big, thanks for small, thanks for nothing at all.

I have never had a year of only sunshine.
Nor have I had a year with rain all the time.
I have had cloudy days and poems that don’t rhyme
Yet I look beyond the darkness and appreciate the silver line.

Should I appreciate everything coming my way
Or only for things that do make my day?
If I don’t win and I lose, what should I say:
Would thanking God for the win and curse the loss be okay?

Quotes by Notclif with WordFoodMusic logo and a pixlr photo stock.

When my blessings are much , a smile is on my face
yet when the blessing is small, I barely see a trace.
Even worse when I am not up front in the race
I stand and look and seem like I am in outer space.

At times we crave life to be a bed of roses with certainty
Yet despite the pretty delicate petals that we see
A rose plant has tough thorns that prick our reality
Making us realize that happiness is a state of mentality.

So whether I win some, lose some or draw some overall
I should give thanks for the big and give thanks for the small.
Yeah, and though it might not be such a big big call.
I still think I should give thanks for even nothing at all.

Give thanks.

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